The Mycozone growing chamber
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The Mycozone growing chamber

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This 4 tier grow chamber has enough room to hold up to 200 substrate jars or 8 Mushbox Casing Kits. Please note this is only the grow chamber / tent part of the Mycozone Eco System setup with the fans and filters.
The grow chamber tent itself measures 62 by 27 by 19 inches (h x l x w); each tier is 12-1/2 inches high.
Additional Upgrade Options:
1) Add on 96 PF style substrate jars and a water incubation system. This upgrade option gives you a huge amount of substrate jars to work with and can fill the mycozone up with fruiting cakes. The incubator is used seperately to colonize your substrate before fruiting.
2) Add on 4 Mushbox casing kits and a water incubation system. This upgrade option gives you the ability to fill your growing chamber shelves with casing kits. The incubator is used seperately to colonize the rye grain substrate jars.
3) Add on 54 PF style substrate jars and 2 Mushbox casing kits and a water incubator. This upgrade gives you the best of both growing methods, casing and cakes. You can use the incubator seperately to colonize the rye jars and the substrate jars.
 Tips for using the Mycozone Eco-system

1) Use in an air conditioned space. This kit produces vapor which can get very warm bottled inside the tent. If you have an ambient temperature of about 60-70 degrees outside of the tent then you will have a better chance at massive flushes and even pin-setting. This kit is not recommended for use inside of garage's or attics.

2) Tweak your settings. Every person's mushroom grow is different so make sure you fiddle with your Torpedo, timer and thermometer for a few days so as to get the perfect environment for your grow.

3) Let the tent breathe. We recommend opening the flap of your tent twice a day to let in a fresh breath of oxygen to your mushrooms. CO2 can quickly build up inside of the tent and its a good idea to facilitate a massive gas exchange for the benefit of your project.

4) Mushbox kit. When using this casing kit follow the instructions normally but when you have reached the casing stage and are placing the boxes inside the Mycozone, make sure to cover all exposed cardboard with the plastic mixing bag. If the cardboard gets too wet it will mold and contaminate your project. The Mushbox kit will not come with a plastic dome or spray bottle as they are not needed when using the Mycozone.

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