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Common Myco abbreviations:
MS - Multi spore (a spore print or spore syringe is a multi-spore sample)
FAE - Fresh air exchange. The process of maintaining fresh air in your fruiting chamber, it is important to exchange the fresh air often to keep mushrooms growing.
BRF - Brown rice flour.  An ingredient used in substrates. Most mushrooms can easily consume brown rice flour thus making it a valuable nutrient source.
Inc - Incubator. A device used to keep substrates warm while they are colonizing. The Myco101 kit comes with an incubator.
Verm - Vermiculite. A substanced used as a partial ingredient in the PF style substrate jars.It helps to grow mushroom mycelium.
PC - Pressure Cooker. An important peice of equipment used to sterilize substrates. Mushbox carries a selection of All American Pressure Cookers and Sterilzers.
TiT - Tub in tub incubator. A simple device used to keep substrates warm during colonization.
RH - Relative humidity. This is the current level of water vapour mixed with the air in your fruiting chamber.
FC - Fruiting chamber. Any type of chamber that simulates the environment necessary for fruiting mushrooms. 
G2G - Grain to grain transfer. A mycology process that involves moving mycelium from one substrate to another to initiate new growth.
GB - Glove box.  A device used to maintain a sterile environment when conducting mycology procedures like inoculation or grain transfer.
PE - Penis Envy, a strain of cubensis mushroom.
LC - Liquid Culture, a medium for germination of spores and growing mycelium.
Myc - Mycelium, the vegetative growth of fungus. Mycelium starts forming after the spores germinate.  Learn more about mushroom reproduction.
Myc Piss - Yellow or amber substance formed from mycelia metabolites. Usually forms in the substrate jars or bags after long periods of colonization.
Hpoo - Horse Manure, a common substrate ingredient.
Cpoo - Cow Manure, a common ingredient used in substrates
Opaque - non-clear surface; light does not pass through it
Spawn - refers to a chunk of mycelium that has colonized a substrate.
WBS - Wild Bird Seed, a common substrate ingredient.
Common Temp and Humidity Settings:
Incubation Temp = 78-82 degrees.
Use a dark and dry environment like a closet or a tub-in-tub.

Fruiting chamber = 68-72 degrees with 95% Relative Humidity.
To induce fruiting add about 8-12 hour of light in a 24 hour cycle.


Date 6/26/2013
Hi , when you say 95% relative humidity you are talking about just in the substrate where they are growing or in the air too . thank you

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