Basic terminology and details that will help you grow mushrooms

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Common Myco abbreviations:
MS - Multi spore (a spore print or spore syringe is a multi-spore sample)
FAE - Fresh air exchange. The process of maintaining fresh air in your fruiting chamber, it is important to exchange the fresh air often to keep mushrooms growing.
BRF - Brown rice flour.  An ingredient used in substrates. Most mushrooms can easily consume brown rice flour thus making it a valuable nutrient source.
Inc - Incubator. A device used to keep substrates warm while they are colonizing. The Myco101 kit comes with an incubator.
Verm - Vermiculite. A substanced used as a partial ingredient in the PF style substrate jars.It helps to grow mushroom mycelium.
PC - Pressure Cooker. An important peice of equipment used to sterilize substrates. Mushbox carries a selection of All American Pressure Cookers and Sterilzers.
TiT - Tub in tub incubator. A simple device used to keep substrates warm during colonization.
RH - Relative humidity. This is the current level of water vapour mixed with the air in your fruiting chamber.
FC - Fruiting chamber. Any type of chamber that simulates the environment necessary for fruiting mushrooms. 
G2G - Grain to grain transfer. A mycology process that involves moving mycelium from one substrate to another to initiate new growth.
GB - Glove box.  A device used to maintain a sterile environment when conducting mycology procedures like inoculation or grain transfer.
PE - Penis Envy, a strain of cubensis mushroom.
LC - Liquid Culture, a medium for germination of spores and growing mycelium.
Myc - Mycelium, the vegetative growth of fungus. Mycelium starts forming after the spores germinate.  Learn more about mushroom reproduction.
Myc Piss - Yellow or amber substance formed from mycelia metabolites. Usually forms in the substrate jars or bags after long periods of colonization.
Hpoo - Horse Manure, a common substrate ingredient.
Cpoo - Cow Manure, a common ingredient used in substrates
Opaque - non-clear surface; light does not pass through it
Spawn - refers to a chunk of mycelium that has colonized a substrate.
WBS - Wild Bird Seed, a common substrate ingredient.
Common Temp and Humidity Settings:
Incubation Temp = 78-82 degrees.
Use a dark and dry environment like a closet or a tub-in-tub.

Fruiting chamber = 68-72 degrees with 95% Relative Humidity.
To induce fruiting add about 8-12 hour of light in a 24 hour cycle.


Date 6/26/2013
Hi , when you say 95% relative humidity you are talking about just in the substrate where they are growing or in the air too . thank you
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Mr King
Hallo liebes Team, bin vor kurzem auf euch aufmerksam geworden!! Will gleich richtig in eure Richtung gehen und suche noch jemand der mir ein Tipp geben kann dass dadurch meine Wirkstoffkonzentration also locker über das doppelte steigert! Kleiner Tipp kaliumhydrogenphosphat!!! Manolo
Date 11/24/2020
It is winter now, so it is colder in my house. (We keep the heat down to 65°F). Will this cool temperature prevent the mushrooms from germinating?

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