Mushroom Casing Soil
Mushroom Casing Soil

Mushroom Casing Soil


Essential ingredient in "casing techniques". This soil is buffered with hydrated lime to a PH of 7.0. This fools your mushrooms into thinking there is no more food and subsequently form mushrooms. 12 cup portion.

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Casing Soil

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A common type of substrate used for growing mushrooms is casing soil. When  combined with the Shredded Wheat Straw this special mixture of dirt can help feed your mushroom mycelium so it can reach its fullest potential. If you see small patches of white in the bag its ok, this is part of our special ingredient mixture.
The bag shown above is the regular size of 12 cups.  This is the amount of casing soil used with the Mushbox Casing Kit and is enough to cover the grow area with 1-2 inches blocking the light and stimulating the mycelium to colonize the surface.  Once the mycelium strands start pushing through the top layer of casing soil the mushrooms are ready to fruit.  Apply the 12 hours per day of light at this stage and you should start to see pins forming within weeks, and full grown mushrooms shortly after that.
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