Inoculation Loop

Inoculation Loop


The plastic loop is used for mycology practices with Agar and to use the streak maneuver to transfer mycelium.

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Inoculation Loop
*We no longer carry the "metal" inoculation loops.  All our loops are plastic now.
An inoculation loop, also called a smear loop, inoculation wand or microstreaker, is a simple tool used mainly by microbiologists to retrieve an inoculate from a culture of microorganisms. It is a plastic wire and on the end it forms a small loop with a diameter of about 5 mm.
This loop is handy for taking an inoculate from a liquid by using the phenomenon of surface tension. The inoculation loop is meant to be a single use product for each experiment and disposed of when finished. Unlike the metallic loops that you can sterilize and use again.
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