Mushroom Artwork Shirt

Mushroom Artwork Shirt


A mycology inspired design including a mushroom and mycelium with spore prints and the psilocybin chemical signature in the background.

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  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton T-Shirts
  • High Quality Screen Printed Design
  • Limited Edition Original Mushroom Artwork

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Show your love love for mycology and the amazing power of mushrooms by wearing this limited edition mushroom T-Shirt. The design was created with the magic of mushrooms in mind and consists of a mushroom shape with mycelium roots in white surrounded by the chemical signature of the psilocybin molecule.
The background is a mycelium network combined with random spore prints all in black. There is also some text flowing down on the left lower corner of the design that says "Expand Your Mind" and is hidden in the mycelium network. The psilocybin molecule is not a well recognized symbol so will go un-noticed in most cases and the text is hidden enough to not attract to much attention. A subtle but interesting way to get the message across that mushrooms are amazing in many ways.
This design was screened by hand the printing is of the highest quality. The actual shirts are made from 100% combed organic cotton providing an extremely comfortable feel. Also they were made in downtown Los Angeles, USA by American Apparel. No slave child work went into the making of these shirts.
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