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The Myco101 Grow Kit
The Myco101 Grow Kit

The Myco101 Grow Kit


A basic mushroom growing kit utilizing an incubator and a fruiting chamber.

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  • Grow almost any type of mushroom!
  • Great for beginners or experienced growers.
  • Grow mushrooms and incubate substrate
  • create a cycle of harvests every few weeks.
  • Grow with substrate jars or casing trays.

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This is the lowest priced beginner kit available that includes everything you need (except spores/culture) to grow almost any kind of mushroom.  Just because its cheaper in price than the other kits does not mean it is lacking in performance or quality.
Proven to be a reliable and effective growing system.
The Mushbox Myco101 mushroom growing kit is a good starting kit for beginners wanting to experiment with the PF style substrate jars.  The fruiting chamber is a little bit smaller so it can't hold a larger grow like the Mushbox Casing Kit.  However you can still use smaller casing trays as well as regular mycelium cakes to fruit mushrooms.
This mushroom growing kit comes complete with:
  • 1 incubation system.
  • 1 fruiting chamber w/ filter.
  • 1 submersible heater.
  • 1 case of 12 substrate jars.
  • 1 analog thermometer.
  • 1 bag of perlite.
Each container measures approx. 16.5" L X 11.5" W X 9.6" H.  And you can fit around 28 of the Mushbox PF style substrate jars, or 6 half gallon rye grain jars in the incubator.  The fruiting chamber can fruit approx. 6 cakes at one time or 2 small casing trays.  People have yeilded 12-16 ounces of fresh edible oyster mushrooms using this growing kit in less than 45 days.
Note: This kit does not come with any spores or cultures to get started.
Very good intro kit
Bought one of these before upgrading to the Mycodome, unfortunately I bought it from a mush box affiliate instead of mush box directly so I ended up paying $250 for it. (on the other hand I bought the Mycodome on this site and am very happy with it). None of the pre-sterilized jars were contaminated and it was a good product to launch me into hobby mycology. At $99.00 I highly recommend purchasing one directly from mush box, you won't regret it.
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Reviewed by:  from Toronto. on 11/28/2014
Bought this kit and it shipped fast and was exactly as pictured with the new substrate jars. I inoculated all 12 cakes right in the bag it was shipped in and there is absolutely no contamination. MushBox certainly puts out a quality product and they did send a follow up email to confirm that I got the kit and that all was good. With this all getting said at the end of the day I made a great decision buying my kit from MushBox. I recommend this company and will buy from them again.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Canada. on 7/8/2014
Before my initial purchase I had no fears of buying from this company. I did my research and came here with confidence. This product works. Mushbox did not let me down. The use of this product takes time so be patient. Take extraordinary care when it comes to sterilization, you can go amateur and avoid using a fume box for inoculation if you try using a small space like a bathroom. Just spray disinfectant and use rubbing alcohol for sterilizing the lids on the jars and get going! Beginners can be fruiting beautiful mushrooms within a month of inoculation. Expect a three week wait for incubation. Once you learn and understand how this product works from experience, continue on to more advanced methods. This product will allow you to effortlessly create a world of mystique all on your own.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ontario. on 4/24/2014
my grow kit arrived today. It tooks very long time package came to Turkey but this grow kit is very good. Very easy setup. You just need a spore syringes thats all :) Thank you Mushbox
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Reviewed by:  from Turkey. on 1/6/2012
Very Good Starter Kit
I've made many attempts at growing mushrooms and have had mixed results. I've basically tried a lot of methods, including casing a PF Tek methods. These are very easy and take the most difficult part of the process out of the equation. I ended up with some contamination, but can't be sure of the cause of it. In all, I ended up with 7/12 jars that fully colonized. The other 5 ended up contaminated. 5 stars.
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Reviewed by:  from Hawaii. on 10/19/2011
Great kit for the $ jars are amazing!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Canada. on 8/28/2020
Great stuff
All out great value excellent shipping thanks again. Jessie
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from ONTARIO. on 3/9/2017
The jars themselves are excellent. They need to seal the bag better though, and the packing popcorn that was inside of the kit was a HUGE pain. All in all I would recommend Mushbox to anyone.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 7/1/2013
Great Product
The Myco 101 is everything one would need to start their mushroom hobbie off right...great buy !!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 4/15/2013
Arrived damaged but they did replace it fast
My kit and substrate jars arrived damaged, I am sure it was due to rough shipping but it was lame for me anyway. When I contacted Mushbox they immediatly sent me a new package before getting the first one back, and I was able to get some growing done. The 2nd replacement shipment arrived intact and I harvested a quarter pound of DRY blue oysters.
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Reviewed by:  from The Bush , USA. on 11/7/2010
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