All our un-sterilized substrates are guaranteed for intact delivery and can be used to kick start almost any kind of mushroom culture or spores. Get growing with Mushbox quality substrates.

Un-Sterilized Substrates

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A must have substrate for extending the life and growth of any grain based mushroom. Pasteurize this substrate at 175 degrees F for one hour and then let dry for up to 5 hours before use.
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This manure from Mushbox has been leeched, aged and dehydrated to ensure that all ammonia has been flushed out to perform to its ultimate capabilities within your mushroom substrate.
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Essential ingredient in "casing techniques". This soil is buffered with hydrated lime to a PH of 7.0. This fools your mushrooms into thinking there is no more food and subsequently form mushrooms. 12 cup portion.
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